Google Search ScreenshotAt KeyRocket we love flow and hate switching from keyboard to mouse. That’s why we are doing a study to prove that shortcuts are way better, but I digress.

Google is loaded with shortcuts, but I found that something was missing and asked myself ‘Why does it seem that all the Google shortcuts are hidden?’.

Often, after an initial search, I want to change or amend my search terms and I hated switching to the mouse to select the search bar again.

The I discovered that on a Google search page you can just start typing to bring the focus back to the search bar and amend results (no matter where your cursor is).

It doesn’t sound like much on its own but it was the final step to a completely mouseless workflow ? Here’s a little background. Whenever I search for something my process is like this:

  • [Ctrl]+[T] – open new tab
  • [type search term] – because the omni-bar is already focused
  • [Enter] – to execute the search

Then I check a few results using:

  • [Tab] – to select the first result
  • [Arrow Up]/[Arrow Down] – For up and down :-)
  • [Enter] – to follow the link
  • and finally [Alt]+[Arrow Left] – to get back

This little Google shortcut just made my day: start typing and the focus is back up in the search bar where you want it.

It will be a little while before KeyRocket can teach you shortcuts like that, but that’s where we are headed. No more reliance on chance or frustration to improve your workflow, just get those life savers inside your workflow.

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