As a member of the KeyRocket team that uses a Mac, I usually need to fire up Parallels in order to actually run KeyRocket–at least until we release the Mac version of the software. That’s why I was so excited when we released KeyRocket for Gmail. Since it’s a Chrome extension, it’s as cross-platform as Chrome is (Windows, Mac, Linux). Within a week of using the extension, I had learned most of the shortcuts that I use on a daily basis.

The problem for me is that I have at least four email (ie gmail) accounts that I use all the time. I’ve tried Google’s multiple login feature for a while and was meh-happy with it, but it would get confused a lot when I was, say, writing a work email but also commenting on a contact’s profile via my personal Google+ account. Long story short, I’ve been exploring email client options and as a Mac user I first looked into Mail for OS X, which was fine (if a little bloated re: the HD space it required), and then found Sparrow.

Sparrow has garnered a lot of attention, before and after Google purchased it, for its minimal design and deep integration of Gmail features such as starring messages and so forth. Last night I realized that the integration went even further when I was poking around Preferences and found the option to Use Gmail Shortcuts. Huzzah! Now I can use the Gmail shortcuts I learned thanks to KeyRocket for Gmail in Sparrow!


  • Learn all the Gmail shortcuts with KeyRocket for Gmail
  • After you’ve learned ALL the shortcuts, use them with Sparrow!

Enable Gmail Shortcuts in Sparrow

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