KeyRocket Premium Now Includes All Shortcuts for Visual Studio

KeyRocket Premium support has been extended to include absolutely all Visual Studio shortcuts (including custom mappings by users). The latest release of KeyRocket streamlines web and application development by suggesting keyboard shortcuts based on individual working habits, bringing its proven shortcut teaching method to the development arena. Now every Visual Studio developer can save time… Read more »

KeyRocket Berliner Techlist Events 17 – 23 December: The Big Closing of the 2012 Berlin Tech Events

  •   Jan Mechtel
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  •   blog, TechList
Just a few tech and entrepreneur events this week, as Berlin winds down in anticipation of impending Christmas festivities.¬†While waiting for regular meetings to resume in January, you still have the chance to take in some good pitch tips and become more persuasive in business, or check the latest trends in mobile technology hosted by… Read more »

KeyRocket Berliner TechList Events 03 – 09 December: Heating Up Your Business For Winter Holidays and New Years

The end of 2012 is close and every single company is compiling annual reports plus setting up next steps. Between informs and plans, you may need to remember that December also means holidays and relaxation. Don’t miss these Berliner Tech Events we’ ve selected for you and get into the holiday spirit without neglecting your… Read more »