How does it happen?
  • Accidently select a shape and later touch the cursor key
  • Accidently drag them with the mouse or – more probably – by swiping over the touchpad
  • When using copy and paste a lot (during collaboration)
Why is it bad?
  • Distracts audience
  • Undermines credibility (attention to detail)
What’s the solution?
  • Manual: Reset layout via Ribbon Menu (Home > Reset Layout)
  • Manual: Move shapes back in place via mouse/cursor
  • Automatic: SlideProof

Detail Description

When creating presentations in PowerPoint it’s quite common to accidently move a placeholder like a title or content without noticing. This might easily happen, for example, when a shape is selected and one accidently touches the cursor keys or by dragging them while brushing over the touchpad & mouse. When working in a team the chances are even higher that somebody breaks the deck’s layout this way.

In the past the only way to recognize the error is by manually reviewing the presentation over and over again. For example by printing it in order to flip from one slide to another and spot the transitions where the shape jumps in position ever so slightly. The catch, even if one does not find it the moved placeholders, chances are high the audience will recognize them later.


But let’s assume the best case and the moved shape was spotted beforehand – How can it be fixed? Either execute the “Reset Layout” command in the Home Ribbon Menu or move it manually. Both manual methods are cumbersome and have to be repeated for every slide that contains moved placeholders.

With SlideProof one click is enough to check the entire presentation for this type error of moved placeholders. With just another click the placeholders are moved back into position and the audience will focus on what’s most important: Your content, not the form.

Get SlideProof now to fix accidently moved placeholders and many other inconsistencies in your PowerPoint Presentations.

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