Today we decided to move to Office 365 from previously using Google Apps (Mail, Calendar, Docs) & Microsoft Office Desktop & for storage. The impetus to make the move came from this great article: From Google Apps to Office 365: Why my company ditched Google. For us it boils down to:

  • We are passionate Microsoft users and developers since forever
  • B2B image: Going with “Microsoft Exchange / Office 365” just sounds more corporate and serious than free “Google Apps” where you and your data “are the product” and pay with advertising
  • History & Cost: But we started using Google Apps when Gmail was miles ahead of and the entire apps suite was free for up to 50 users
  • Both systems will have flaws
  • Ecosystem: Our clients all use the Microsoft applications, chances are they will keep using Microsoft even when using Cloud Apps
  • Drive & Docs:
    • the attribution of files to accounts + permissions drove us crazy (now using + Google Docs for real-time collaboration)
    • We depend on Microsoft Office and Googles integration of Microsoft Documents into Drive /

The rough plan we made is:

  • Sign up Office 365
  • Test Word & Excel for Google Docs like real time collaboration
  • Make 365 Play with our IOS / Android phones
  • Migrate
  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Google Drive
  • (Files)

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