Color Pane

The text, outline and fill colors are now located in a new pane on the left of your screen.

With the success of our Productivity Pane we decided to make all of your color choices accessible in the same way!

The colors on the top of the pane are the ones used within your color scheme. The ones that you use most often are also there.

In addition the colors of the selected object will be highlighted.


Multi-click Alignment

Multi-click allows you to click several times on a single button to move the objects through different steps:

1st click: align the selected shapes to the first selected object

2nd click: align the selected shapes to the workspace

3rd click: align the selected shapes to the the slide


When you want to resize or to stack you shapes it will work another way:

1st click: distribute the shapes and resizes them with defined gap

2nd click: distribute the shapes and resizes them with default gap

The default gap is customizable in Settings > Productivity > Default Gap for Stack & Distribute

For all these Multi-click steps, further clicks will cycle through these steps.


Swap Position

Swapping the position of two selected shapes is a feature that our users are frequently using. To give you more control, we created two new types of swaps:

Horizontal Swap Vertical Swap

What do you think about these new features? To send us your feedback, or if there is anything we can do for you, just hit Reply!

Any other ideas? We would love to hear them at

If you want to stay up to date with the improvements check out our changelog.

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