Tools Location

This is a revolution! You can now customize the Ribbon and the Productivity Pane and choose where you want your tools categories to show up in SlideProof.

You have access to 3 locations:

  • Pane: you will find the tools category in the productivity pane
  • Ribbon: you will find the tools category in SlideProof ribbon
  • None: the tools category will be hidden

Tools Location

Unused Slides Section

Sometimes whilst creating a presentation there are a bunch of slides which you are not sure if it’s worth presenting them or not. Due to this, we created the unused section:

  1. Select the slides you want to send to”Unused”
  2. Click on the icon or right click on the slide and select “Send to Unused”
  3. A new section will be created at the end of your presentation gathering all the selected slides


Show Workspace

From time to time we have some slides only using shapes or pictures. Our new tool will allow you to show or hide the workspace. This will assist you in avoiding overlaps and respecting your margins.

This workspace is based on the body placeholder of your template and can be easily modified in the Master View.


That’s it for this month!

Any other ideas? We would love to hear them at

If you want to stay up to date with all the improvements check out our changelog.

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