SlideProof: Check only selected slides

Checking very large presentations for inconsistencies using SlideProof can become quite time consuming: To improve waiting for the whole check when only a single slide is of interest, SlideProof now allows to check only selected slides. This might be useful when a presentation was already checked before and a slide got only minor changes. Also… Read more »

SlideProof: Alignment got sensitive

Alignment of shapes on slide SlideProof comes with the handy rule “Alignment of Shapes on Slide” that tries to find shapes that are not properly aligned or slightly misaligned. As this contains a little bit of black magic we were asked to expose the parameters so that you as a user can adjust it. Finally… Read more »

Awkward PowerPoint moments – Missing Footnotes (Part 3)

Never miss or forget a footnote again! Why using footnotes? They add information and give credibility to the presented facts. Footnotes are never alone, for a great footnote you need two parts: Footnote: the actual text, usually in the footer of the page . Reference: the small number that indicates which portion of the text… Read more »

Assign Shortcuts like a Boss

It took some time until we implemented assignment of Custom Shortcuts from within the KeyRocket Shortcut Browser. The feature is now available in our frontier version and will be released for all users in about one week. Open the Shortcut Browser by pressing Win+Shift+K Search for the action you want to assign Press the wrench… Read more »

We improved KeyRocket’s notifications

We listened to our users and made our notifications less annoying by two minor changes: Size: We optimized the screen space our shortcut notifications take. This was a trade-off between looking good, read-ability and space. Move-able: Sometimes notifications overlapped always the same controls. That’s why we made the notifications move-able. Just move them with the… Read more »

‘The Shortcuts Microsoft Forgot’ – Add your own keyboard shortcuts to Excel, PowerPoint, and Visual Studio with KeyRocket.

You can now add your own, totally customized keyboard shortcuts in Excel, PowerPoint and Visual Studio with KeyRocket. KeyRocket also includes 40 of the most requested shortcuts by default to give you a head-start. Have you ever come across an annoyingly long or complicated keyboard shortcut in Excel or PowerPoint? With KeyRocket (Free Download) you can now… Read more »

The Missing Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft PowerPoint

Every advanced PowerPoint user will tell you the same story. You start out with PowerPoint and learn some basic shortcuts, getting faster and faster and more effective every day. But sooner or later, you realize there are certain mouse clicks that you just can’t get rid of, no matter how many shortcuts you learn. KeyRocket to… Read more »

The Missing Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel

Every advanced Excel user in history will tell you the same sad story. First, you discover basic keyboard shortcuts (like F2), then you learn about Pivot Tables and VLookup and feel pretty accomplished. But then you go on to learn about Array / Matrix formulas, and eventually, you put the entire list of Excel keyboard… Read more »

Case Study 4: Keyboard Shortcut for “Enable Editing” Security Dialog in Microsoft Office (Excel, Powerpoint, Word)

We all know this annoying (but useful) security dialog that appears when you open a downloaded Office document or from an email attachment:   Before you can edit, or even print the document you have to click the button. Of course you could simply switch the question off but that would be a significant security risk…. Read more »