Assign shortcuts in Excel

Many heavily used Excel features do not have shortcut keys assigned. But with KeyRocket you can assign your own shortcuts in Excel. In this text I show you how to set up a shortcut. This works for all Office products. There are two ways to create a shortcut in Excel: Either while working via the… Read more »

‘The Shortcuts Microsoft Forgot’ – Add your own keyboard shortcuts to Excel, PowerPoint, and Visual Studio with KeyRocket.

You can now add your own, totally customized keyboard shortcuts in Excel, PowerPoint and Visual Studio with KeyRocket. KeyRocket also includes 40 of the most requested shortcuts by default to give you a head-start. Have you ever come across an annoyingly long or complicated keyboard shortcut in Excel or PowerPoint? With KeyRocket (Free Download) you can now… Read more »

The Missing Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel

Every advanced Excel user in history will tell you the same sad story. First, you discover basic keyboard shortcuts (like F2), then you learn about Pivot Tables and VLookup and feel pretty accomplished. But then you go on to learn about Array / Matrix formulas, and eventually, you put the entire list of Excel keyboard… Read more »