Powerpoint 2007 Shortcuts

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Alt+1Align Left
Alt+3Align Right
Alt+2Align Horizontal Center
Alt+4Distribute Objects Horizontally
Alt+Shift+1Align Top
Alt+Shift+2Align Vertical Center
Alt+Shift+3Align Bottom
Alt+Shift+4Distribute Objects Vertically
Alt+5Align to Slide
Alt+Shift+WBring to Front
Alt+Shift+SBring Forward
Alt+Shift+ASend Backward
Alt+Shift+QSend to Back
Ctrl+1View – Normal
Ctrl+2View – Outline
Ctrl+3View – Notes
Ctrl+4View – SlideSorter
Ctrl+5View – Reading
Ctrl+Shift+YIncrease Font Size
Ctrl+Shift+XDecrease Font Size
Ctrl+Shift+GObject – Regroup
Ctrl+ZUndo the last action.
Ctrl+YRedo the last action.
Ctrl+Shift+CCopy formatting only
Ctrl+Shift+VPaste formatting only
Ctrl+Alt+VPaste special
Ctrl+TOpen the dialog box for changing the font.
Shift+F3Change the case of letters between sentence, lowercase, or uppercase.
Ctrl+BApply bold formatting
Ctrl+UApply an underline
Ctrl+IApplies or removes italic formatting.
Ctrl+=Apply subscript formatting (automatic spacing).
Ctrl+Shift+=Apply superscript formatting (automatic spacing).
Ctrl+KInsert a hyperlink
Ctrl+ECenter a paragraph
Ctrl+JJustify a paragraph
Ctrl+LLeft align a paragraph.
Ctrl+RRight align a paragraph.
Ctrl+MInsert a new slide.
Ctrl+Shift+DDuplicate of a selected slide.
F5Start the presentation from the beginning.
Shift+F5Start the presentation from the current slide.
Ctrl+F1Show or hide ribbon.
Alt, H, S, L, PLaunch the Selection pane.
Ctrl+Shift+FMove a selected item forward.
Ctrl+Shift+BMove a selected item backward.
F1Open the Help window.
Shift+F4Repeat the last Find action
Left-ArrowMove one character to the left.
Right-ArrowMove one character to the right.
Up-ArrowMove one line up.
Down-ArrowMove one line down.
Ctrl+Left-ArrowMove one word to the left.
Ctrl+Right-ArrowMove one word to the right.
EndMove to the end of a line.
HomeMove to the beginning of a line.
Ctrl+Up-ArrowMove up one paragraph.
Ctrl+Down-ArrowMove down one paragraph.
Ctrl+EndMove to the end of a text box.
Ctrl+HomeMove to the beginning of a text box.
Ctrl+EnterIn Microsoft Office PowerPoint, move to the next title or body text placeholder. If it is the last placeholder on a slide, this will insert a new slide with the same slide layout as the original slide.
Shift+Right-ArrowSelect one character to the right.
Shift+Left-ArrowSelect one character to the left.
Ctrl+Shift+Right-ArrowSelect to the end of a word.
Ctrl+Shift+Left-ArrowSelect to the beginning of a word.
Shift+Up-ArrowSelect one line up.
Shift+Down-ArrowSelect one line down.
Ctrl+BackspaceDelete one word to the left.
DeleteDelete one character to the right.
Ctrl+DeleteDelete one word to the right.
Ctrl+DDuplicate of an marked object.
Ctrl+SpacebarRemove manual character formatting, such as subscript and superscript.
Ctrl+NBuild a new presentation.
Ctrl+Shift+SShow or hide a focused item.
Alt+Shift+F10Display the menu or message for a smart tag. If more than one smart tag is present, switch to the next smart tag and display its menu or message.
Alt, A, AAnimate - Animations > Animate
Alt, A, CCustom Animation - Animations > Custom Animation
Alt, A, ETransition Speed - Animations > Transition to This Slide > Transition Speed
Alt, A, FAutomatically After - Animations > Transition to This Slide > Automatically After
Alt, A, IAutomatically After - Animations > Transition to This Slide > Automatically After
Alt, A, I, IMore
Alt, A, LApply To All - Animations > Transition to This Slide > Apply To All
Alt, A, MOn Mouse Click - Animations > Transition to This Slide > On Mouse Click
Alt, A, PPreview - Animations > Preview
Alt, A, TTransition Scheme - Animations > Transition to This Slide > Transition Scheme
Alt, A, UTransition Sound - Animations > Transition to This Slide > Transition Sound
Alt, A, YAdvance Slide - Animations > Transition to This Slide > Advance Slide
Alt, B, AAutomatic
Alt, B, BBlack
Alt, B, CBack To Color View.
Alt, B, DDon't Show
Alt, B, GGrayscale
Alt, B, IInverse Grayscale
Alt, B, KBlack with White Fill.
Alt, B, LBlack with Grayscale Fill.
Alt, B, RGray with White Fill.
Alt, B, SLight Grayscale
Alt, B, WWhite
Alt, F, ASave As
Alt, F, CClose
Alt, F, DSend
Alt, F, EPrepare
Alt, F, FSave As Other Format.
Alt, F, IPowerPoint Options
Alt, F, NNew
Alt, F, PPrint
Alt, F, UPublish
Alt, F, WPreview and Print
Alt, F, XExit PowerPoint
Alt, G, B, BFormat Background
Alt, G, B, RReset Slide Background
Alt, G, GFormat Background - Design > Background > Format Background
Alt, G, H, MBrowse for Themes
Alt, G, H, OMore Themes on Microsoft Office Online.
Alt, G, H, SSave Current Theme
Alt, G, MHide Background Graphics - Design > Background > Hide Background Graphics
Alt, G, OSlide Orientation - Design > Page Setup > Slide Orientation
Alt, G, SPage Setup - Design > Page Setup
Alt, G, T, C, CCreate New Theme Colors.
Alt, G, T, C, RReset Slide Theme Colors.
Alt, G, T, EEffects - Design > Themes > Effects
Alt, G, T, FFonts - Design > Themes > Fonts
Alt, G, T, F, CCreate New Theme Fonts.
Alt, H, 1Bold - Home > Font > Bold
Alt, H, 2Applies or removes italic formatting. - Home > Font > Italic
Alt, H, 3Underline - Home > Font > Underline
Alt, H, 4Strikethrough - Home > Font > Strikethrough
Alt, H, 5Shadow - Home > Font > Shadow
Alt, H, 6Character Spacing - Home > Font > Character Spacing
Alt, H, 7Change Case - Home > Font > Change Case
Alt, H, A, CCenter - Home > Paragraph > Center
Alt, H, A, IIncrease Indent - Home > Paragraph > Increase Indent
Alt, H, A, JJustify - Home > Paragraph > Justify
Alt, H, A, LAlign Left - Home > Paragraph > Align Left
Alt, H, A, ODecrease Indent - Home > Paragraph > Decrease Indent
Alt, H, A, RAlign Right - Home > Paragraph > Align Right
Alt, H, A, TAlign Text - Home > Paragraph > Align Text
Alt, H, A, XText Direction - Home > Paragraph > Text Direction
Alt, H, DDelete - Home > Slides > Delete
Alt, H, EClear Formatting - Home > Font > Clear Formatting
Alt, H, F, CFont Color - Home > Font > Font Color
Alt, H, F, FFont - Home > Font
Alt, H, F, GIncrease Font Size - Home > Font > Increase Font Size
Alt, H, F, KDecrease Font Size - Home > Font > Decrease Font Size
Alt, H, F, NFont - Home > Font
Alt, H, F, OOffice Clipboard - Home > Clipboard > Office Clipboard
Alt, H, F, PFormat Painter - Home > Clipboard > Format Painter
Alt, H, F, SFont Size - Home > Font > Font Size
Alt, H, G, A, AAlign to Slide
Alt, H, G, A, BAlign Bottom
Alt, H, G, A, CAlign Center
Alt, H, G, A, GGrid Settings
Alt, H, G, A, HDistribute Horizontally
Alt, H, G, A, LAlign Left
Alt, H, G, A, MAlign Middle
Alt, H, G, A, OAlign Selected Objects
Alt, H, G, A, RAlign Right
Alt, H, G, A, TAlign Top
Alt, H, G, A, VDistribute Vertically
Alt, H, G, BSend Backward
Alt, H, G, ERegroup
Alt, H, G, FBring Forward
Alt, H, G, GGroup
Alt, H, G, KSend to Back
Alt, H, G, ORotate
Alt, H, G, PSelection Pane
Alt, H, G, RBring to Front
Alt, H, G, UUngroup
Alt, H, INew Slide - Home > Slides > New Slide
Alt, H, JColumns - Home > Paragraph > Columns
Alt, H, KLine Spacing - Home > Paragraph > Line Spacing
Alt, H, LLayout - Home > Slides > Layout
Alt, H, MConvert to SmartArt - Home > Paragraph > Convert to SmartArt
Alt, H, NNumbering - Home > Paragraph > Numbering
Alt, H, OObject - Home > Drawing > Object
Alt, H, P, GParagraph - Home > Paragraph
Alt, H, QReset - Home > Slides > Reset
Alt, H, RReplace - Home > Editing > Replace
Alt, H, S, EShape Effects - Home > Drawing > Shape Effects
Alt, H, S, FShape Fill - Home > Drawing > Shape Fill
Alt, H, S, HShapes - Home > Drawing > Shapes
Alt, H, S, L, OSelect Objects
Alt, H, S, OShape Outline - Home > Drawing > Shape Outline
Alt, H, S, SQuick Styles - Home > Drawing > Quick Styles
Alt, H, UBullets - Home > Paragraph > Bullets
Alt, H, VPaste - Home > Clipboard > Paste
Alt, M, AInsert Placeholder - Slide Master > Master Layout > Insert Placeholder
Alt, M, BBackground Styles
Alt, M, CClose Master View
Alt, M, DDelete
Alt, M, EHeader
Alt, M, FFooters
Alt, M, GFormat Background
Alt, M, HThemes
Alt, M, IInsert Layout
Alt, M, LMaster Layout
Alt, M, MHide Background Graphics
Alt, M, NPage Number
Alt, M, OSlide Orientation - Slide Master > Page Setup > Slide Orientation
Alt, M, RNotes Page Orientation
Alt, M, SPage Setup - Slide Master > Page Setup
Alt, M, T, CColors
Alt, M, T, EEffects
Alt, M, T, FFonts
Alt, M, VPreserve - Slide Master > Edit Master > Preserve
Alt, M, YBody - Notes Master > Placeholders > Body
Alt, N, A, ANew Photo Album
Alt, N, A, EEdit Photo Album
Alt, N, CChart - Insert > Illustrations > Chart
Alt, N, DDate & Time - Insert > Text > Date & Time
Alt, N, FClip Art - Insert > Illustrations > Clip Art
Alt, N, HHeader & Footer - Insert > Text > Header & Footer
Alt, N, JObject - Insert > Text > Object
Alt, N, KAction - Insert > Links > Action
Alt, N, MSmartArt - Insert > Illustrations > SmartArt
Alt, N, O, CPlay CD Audio Track.
Alt, N, O, FSound from File
Alt, N, O, RRecord Sound
Alt, N, O, SSound from Clip Organizer.
Alt, N, PPicture - Insert > Illustrations > Picture
Alt, N, S, HShapes - Insert > Illustrations > Shapes
Alt, N, S, NSlide Number - Insert > Text > Slide Number
Alt, N, T, DDraw Table
Alt, N, T, IInsert Table
Alt, N, T, XExcel Spreadsheet
Alt, N, USymbol - Insert > Text > Symbol
Alt, N, V, FMovie from File
Alt, N, V, MMovie from Clip Organizer.
Alt, N, WWordArt - Insert > Text > WordArt
Alt, N, XText Box - Insert > Text > Text Box
Alt, R, CNew Comment - Review > Comments > New Comment
Alt, R, DDelete - Review > Comments > Delete
Alt, R, HShow Markup - Review > Comments > Show Markup
Alt, R, LTranslate - Review > Proofing > Translate
Alt, R, NNext - Review > Comments > Next
Alt, R, P, MManage Credentials
Alt, R, P, RRestricted Access
Alt, R, P, UUnrestricted Access
Alt, R, TEdit Comment - Review > Comments > Edit Comment
Alt, R, ULanguage - Review > Proofing > Language
Alt, R, VPrevious - Review > Comments > Previous
Alt, S, HHide Slide - Slide Show > Set Up > Hide Slide
Alt, S, MCustom Slide Show - Slide Show > Start Slide Show > Custom Slide Show
Alt, S, M, WCustom Shows
Alt, S, NRecord Narration - Slide Show > Set Up > Record Narration
Alt, S, OShow Presentation On - Slide Show > Monitors > Show Presentation On
Alt, S, RResolution - Slide Show > Monitors > Resolution
Alt, S, SSet Up Slide Show. - Slide Show > Set Up > Set Up Slide Show
Alt, S, TRehearse Timings - Slide Show > Set Up > Rehearse Timings
Alt, S, UUse Rehearsed Timings - Slide Show > Set Up > Use Rehearsed Timings
Alt, S, VUse Presenter View - Slide Show > Monitors > Use Presenter View
Alt, W, AArrange All - View > Window > Arrange All
Alt, W, BPure Black and White. - View > Color/Grayscale > Pure Black and White
Alt, W, CColor - View > Color/Grayscale > Color
Alt, W, DMessage Bar - View > Show/Hide > Message Bar
Alt, W, ECascade - View > Window > Cascade
Alt, W, FFit to Window - View > Zoom > Fit to Window
Alt, W, HHandout Master - View > Presentation Views > Handout Master
Alt, W, ISlide Sorter - View > Presentation Views > Slide Sorter
Alt, W, KNotes Master - View > Presentation Views > Notes Master
Alt, W, LNormal - View > Presentation Views > Normal
Alt, W, MSlide Master - View > Presentation Views > Slide Master
Alt, W, NNew Window - View > Window > New Window
Alt, W, OGrayscale - View > Color/Grayscale > Grayscale
Alt, W, QZoom - View > Zoom
Alt, W, RRuler - View > Show/Hide > Ruler
Alt, W, TNotes Page - View > Presentation Views > Notes Page
Alt, W, VMove Split - View > Window > Move Split
Alt, W, WSwitch Windows - View > Window > Switch Windows
Alt, W, W, 11 Presentation1
Alt, W, Z, ZZoom - View > Zoom
Alt, YDrawing Tools
Alt, Y, J, DFormat - Drawing Tools > Format
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