Visual Studio 2012 Shortcuts

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Shift+Alt+3Analyze Navigate Backward
Shift+Alt+4Analyze Navigate Forward
Shift+Alt+F5Analyze Startwith Current Project
Ctrl+ Ctrl+NArchitecture New Diagram
InsertArchitecture Context Menus Directed Graph Context Menu Edit Add Node
F2Architecture Context Menus Directed Graph Context Menu Edit Rename
BArchitecture Context Menus Directed Graph Context Menu Select Both Dependencies
IArchitecture Context Menus Directed Graph Context Menu Select Incoming Dependencies
OArchitecture Context Menus Directed Graph Context Menu Select Outgoing Dependencies
F12Architecture Designer Sequence Navigate To Code
Ctrl+Shift+BBuild Build Solution
Ctrl+PauseBuild Cancel
Ctrl+F7Build Compile
Alt+F11Build Run Code Analysison Solution
Minus-NumblockClass Diagram Collapse
Plus-NumblockClass Diagram Expand
Alt+EnterClass View Context Menus Class View Multiselect Projectreferences Items Properties
Ctrl+K / Ctrl+GClass View Context Menus Class View Project Viewin Page Inspector
Shift+Alt+UCommit All Edits
Alt+F10Debug Apply Code Changes
Ctrl+Alt+V, DDebug Autos
Ctrl+Alt+PauseDebug Break All
Ctrl+BDebug Breakat Function
Ctrl+Alt+BDebug Breakpoints
Ctrl+Alt+CDebug Call Stack
Ctrl+F12Debug Capture Frame
Ctrl+Shift+F9Debug Delete All Breakpoints
Ctrl+Alt+DDebug Disassembly
Ctrl+Alt+VDebug DOMExplorer
Ctrl+F9Debug Enable Breakpoint
Ctrl+Alt+EDebug Exceptions
Ctrl+Shift+F11Debug Go To Previous Callor Intelli Trace Event
Shift+Alt+Down-ArrowDebug Graphics Pixel Selection Down
Shift+Alt+Left-ArrowDebug Graphics Pixel Selection Left
Shift+Alt+Right-ArrowDebug Graphics Pixel Selection Right
Shift+Alt+Up-ArrowDebug Graphics Pixel Selection Up
Shift+Alt+0Debug Graphics Reset Zoom
Alt+F5Debug Graphics Start Diagnostics
Shift+Alt+=Debug Graphics Zoom In
Shift+Alt+MinusDebug Graphics Zoom Out
Ctrl+Alt+IDebug Immediate
Ctrl+Alt+Y, TDebug Intelli Trace Calls
Ctrl+Alt+Y, FDebug Intelli Trace Events
Ctrl+Alt+V, CDebug Java Script Console
Ctrl+Alt+V, LDebug Locals
Ctrl+5Debug Location Toolbar Process Combo
Ctrl+7Debug Location Toolbar Stack Frame Combo
Ctrl+6Debug Location Toolbar Thread Combo
Ctrl+8Debug Location Toolbar Toggle Current Thread Flagged State
Ctrl+9Debug Location Toolbar Toggle Flagged Threads
Ctrl+Alt+M, 1Debug Memory1
Ctrl+Alt+M, 2Debug Memory2
Ctrl+Alt+M, 3Debug Memory3
Ctrl+Alt+M, 4Debug Memory4
Ctrl+Alt+UDebug Modules
Ctrl+Shift+D, SDebug Parallel Stacks
Ctrl+Shift+D, KDebug Parallel Tasks
Ctrl+Shift+D, 1Debug Parallel Watch1
Ctrl+Shift+D, 2Debug Parallel Watch2
Ctrl+Shift+D, 3Debug Parallel Watch3
Ctrl+Shift+D, 4Debug Parallel Watch4
Ctrl+Alt+ZDebug Processes
Shift+F9Debug Quick Watch
Ctrl+Shift+RDebug Refresh Windowsapp
Ctrl+Alt+GDebug Registers
Ctrl+Shift+F5Debug Restart
Ctrl+F10Debug Run To Cursor
Ctrl+Shift+F10Debug Set Next Statement
Alt+*-NumblockDebug Show Next Statement
F5Debug Start
Alt+F2Debug Start Performance Analysis
Ctrl+Alt+F2Debug Start Performance Analysis Paused
Ctrl+F5Debug Start Without Debugging
F11Debug Step Into
Ctrl+Alt+F11Debug Step Into Current Process
Shift+Alt+F11Debug Step Into Specific
Shift+F11Debug Step Out
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F11Debug Step Out Current Process
F10Debug Step Over
Ctrl+Alt+F10Debug Step Over Current Process
Shift+F5Debug Stop Debugging
Shift+Alt+F2Debug Stop Performance Analysis
Ctrl+Alt+HDebug Threads
F9Debug Toggle Breakpoint
Ctrl+F11Debug Toggle Disassembly
Ctrl+Alt+W, 1Debug Watch1
Ctrl+Alt+W, 2Debug Watch2
Ctrl+Alt+W, 3Debug Watch3
Ctrl+Alt+W, 4Debug Watch4
Alt, F9, DDebugger Context Menus Breakpoints Window Delete
Alt, F9, ADebugger Context Menus Breakpoints Window Go To Disassembly
Alt, F9, SDebugger Context Menus Breakpoints Window Go To Source Code
Ctrl+0Design Fit All
F9Design Show Handles
Ctrl+Shift+HDesign Show Object Boundaries
Ctrl+Alt+=Design Zoom In
Ctrl+Alt+MinusDesign Zoom Out
Ctrl+ Ctrl+SpacebarDiff Ignore Trim Whitespace
Ctrl+ Ctrl+1Diff Inline View
Ctrl+ Ctrl+3Diff Left Only View
F8Diff Next Difference
Shift+F8Diff Previous Difference
Ctrl+ Ctrl+4Diff Right Only View
Ctrl+ Ctrl+2Diff Side By Side View
Ctrl+ Ctrl+TabDiff Switch Between Left And Right
Ctrl+ Ctrl+Down-ArrowDiff Synchronize View Toggle
EnterEdit Break Line
Left-ArrowEdit Char Left
Shift+Left-ArrowEdit Char Left Extend
Shift+Alt+Left-ArrowEdit Char Left Extend Column
Right-ArrowEdit Char Right
Shift+Right-ArrowEdit Char Right Extend
Shift+Alt+Right-ArrowEdit Char Right Extend Column
Ctrl+TEdit Char Transpose
Ctrl+K , Ctrl+LEdit Clear Bookmarks
Ctrl+M, Ctrl+AEdit Collapse All Outlining
Ctrl+M, Ctrl+SEdit Collapse Current Region
Ctrl+M, Ctrl+TEdit Collapse Tag
Ctrl+M, Ctrl+OEdit Collapseto Definitions
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+CEdit Comment Selection
Ctrl+SpacebarEdit Complete Word
Ctrl+CEdit Copy
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+CEdit Copy Parameter Tip
Shift+Alt+CEdit Create Copyof Work Item
Ctrl+XEdit Cut
Ctrl+Shift+VEdit Cycle Clipboard Ring
Alt+Edit Decrease Filter Level
DeleteEdit Delete
BackspaceEdit Delete Backwards
Shift+DeleteEdit Delete From Model
Ctrl+K , Ctrl+Edit Delete Horizontal White Space
Ctrl+EndEdit Document End
Ctrl+Shift+EndEdit Document End Extend
Ctrl+HomeEdit Document Start
Ctrl+Shift+HomeEdit Document Start Extend
F2Edit Edit Cell
Ctrl+M, Ctrl+XEdit Expand All Outlining
Shift+Alt+BEdit Expand Collapse Base Type List
Ctrl+M, Ctrl+EEdit Expand Current Region
Ctrl+FEdit Find
Shift+F12Edit Find All References
Ctrl+Shift+FEdit Findin Files
F3Edit Find Next
Ctrl+F3Edit Find Next Selected
Shift+F3Edit Find Previous
Ctrl+Shift+F3Edit Find Previous Selected
Alt+F12Edit Find Symbol
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+DEdit Format Document
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+FEdit Format Selection
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+MEdit Generate Method
Ctrl+GEdit Go To
Ctrl+]Edit Goto Brace
Ctrl+Shift+]Edit Goto Brace Extend
Ctrl+F12Edit Go To Declaration
F12Edit Go To Definition
Ctrl+DEdit Go To Find Combo
F8Edit Go To Next Location
Shift+F8Edit Go To Prev Location
Ctrl+M, Ctrl+HEdit Hide Selection
Alt+.Edit Increase Filter Level
Ctrl+IEdit Incremental Search
Shift+Alt+Right-ArrowEdit Indent
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+XEdit Insert Snippet
TabEdit Insert Tab
Ctrl+LEdit Line Cut
Ctrl+Shift+LEdit Line Delete
Down-ArrowEdit Line Down
Shift+Down-ArrowEdit Line Down Extend
Shift+Alt+Down-ArrowEdit Line Down Extend Column
EndEdit Line End
Shift+EndEdit Line End Extend
Shift+Alt+EndEdit Line End Extend Column
Ctrl+EnterEdit Line Open Above
Ctrl+Shift+EnterEdit Line Open Below
HomeEdit Line Start
Shift+HomeEdit Line Start Extend
Shift+Alt+HomeEdit Line Start Extend Column
Shift+Alt+TEdit Line Transpose
Up-ArrowEdit Line Up
Shift+Up-ArrowEdit Line Up Extend
Shift+Alt+Up-ArrowEdit Line Up Extend Column
Ctrl+JEdit List Members
Ctrl+UEdit Make Lowercase
Ctrl+Shift+UEdit Make Uppercase
Ctrl+Down-ArrowEdit Move Control Down
Down-ArrowEdit Move Control Down Grid
Ctrl+Left-ArrowEdit Move Control Left
Left-ArrowEdit Move Control Left Grid
Ctrl+Right-ArrowEdit Move Control Right
Right-ArrowEdit Move Control Right Grid
Ctrl+Up-ArrowEdit Move Control Up
Up-ArrowEdit Move Control Up Grid
Ctrl+Edit Navigate To
Shift+Alt+LEdit Navigate To Lollipop
InsertEdit New Accelerator
InsertEdit New String
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+NEdit Next Bookmark
Ctrl+Shift+K, Ctrl+Shift+NEdit Next Bookmark In Folder
Ctrl+Shift+Down-ArrowEdit Next Highlighted Reference
Ctrl+WEdit Next Key Typed
Ctrl+Shift+GEdit Open File
Shift+Alt+Left-ArrowEdit Outdent
InsertEdit Overtype Mode
Page-DownEdit Page Down
Shift+Page-DownEdit Page Down Extend
Page-UpEdit Page Up
Shift+Page-UpEdit Page Up Extend
Ctrl+Shift+SpacebarEdit Parameter Info
Ctrl+VEdit Paste
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+PEdit Paste Parameter Tip
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+PEdit Previous Bookmark
Ctrl+Shift+K, Ctrl+Shift+PEdit Previous Bookmark In Folder
Ctrl+Shift+Up-ArrowEdit Previous Highlighted Reference
Shift+Alt+F12Edit Quick Find Symbol
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+IEdit Quick Info
Ctrl+YEdit Redo
Ctrl+Shift+JEdit Refresh Remote References
F5Edit Refresh Work Item
DeleteEdit Remove
DeleteEdit Removefrom Diagram
Ctrl+DeleteEdit Remove Row
Ctrl+HEdit Replace
Ctrl+Shift+HEdit Replacein Files
Ctrl+Shift+IEdit Reverse Incremental Search
Ctrl+Left-ArrowEdit Scroll Column Left
Ctrl+Right-ArrowEdit Scroll Column Right
Ctrl+Down-ArrowEdit Scroll Line Down
Ctrl+Up-ArrowEdit Scroll Line Up
Ctrl+AEdit Select All
Ctrl+WEdit Select Current Word
EscEdit Selection Cancel
TabEdit Select Next Control
Shift+TabEdit Select Previous Control
Ctrl+=Edit Select To Last Go Back
EnterEdit Show Tile Grid
Ctrl+Shift+Down-ArrowEdit Size Control Down
Shift+Down-ArrowEdit Size Control Down Grid
Ctrl+Shift+Left-ArrowEdit Size Control Left
Shift+Left-ArrowEdit Size Control Left Grid
Ctrl+Shift+Right-ArrowEdit Size Control Right
Shift+Right-ArrowEdit Size Control Right Grid
Ctrl+Shift+Up-ArrowEdit Size Control Up
Shift+Up-ArrowEdit Size Control Up Grid
Ctrl+M, Ctrl+UEdit Stop Hiding Current
Ctrl+M, Ctrl+PEdit Stop Outlining
Alt, F3, SEdit Stop Search
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+SEdit Surround With
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+AEdit Swap Anchor
Shift+TabEdit Tab Left
Ctrl+M, Ctrl+LEdit Toggle All Outlining
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+KEdit Toggle Bookmark
Ctrl+Alt+SpacebarEdit Toggle Completion Mode
Ctrl+M, Ctrl+MEdit Toggle Outlining Expansion
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+HEdit Toggle Task List Shortcut
Ctrl+E, Ctrl+WEdit Toggle Word Wrap
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+UEdit Uncomment Selection
Ctrl+ZEdit Undo
Ctrl+Shift+ZEdit Undo Close
Ctrl+Page-DownEdit View Bottom
Ctrl+Shift+Page-DownEdit View Bottom Extend
Ctrl+Page-UpEdit View Top
Ctrl+Shift+Page-UpEdit View Top Extend
Ctrl+R, Ctrl+WEdit View White Space
Ctrl+DeleteEdit Word Delete To End
Ctrl+BackspaceEdit Word Delete To Start
Ctrl+Right-ArrowEdit Word Next
Ctrl+Shift+Right-ArrowEdit Word Next Extend
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Right-ArrowEdit Word Next Extend Column
Ctrl+Left-ArrowEdit Word Previous
Ctrl+Shift+Left-ArrowEdit Word Previous Extend
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Left-ArrowEdit Word Previous Extend Column
Ctrl+Shift+TEdit Word Transpose
Ctrl+Shift+KEditor Context Menus Code Window Add Comment
Alt, F9, LEditor Context Menus Code Window Breakpoint Breakpoint Editlabels
Ctrl+Shift+PEditor Context Menus Code Window Edit Local File
Ctrl+Alt+F5Editor Context Menus Code Window Execute
Alt+EnterEditor Context Menus Code Window Execute In Interactive
Alt+'Editor Context Menus Code Window Execute Line In Interactive
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+TEditor Context Menus Code Window View Call Hierarchy
Alt+F4File Exit
Ctrl+NFile New File
Ctrl+Shift+NFile New Project
Shift+Alt+NFile New Web Site
Ctrl+OFile Open File
Ctrl+Shift+OFile Open Project
Shift+Alt+OFile Open Web Site
Ctrl+PFile Print
F2File Rename
Ctrl+Shift+SFile Save All
Ctrl+SFile Save Selected Items
Ctrl+Shift+WFile Viewin Browser
Ctrl+Shift+Down-ArrowFormat Align Bottoms
Shift+F9Format Align Centers
Ctrl+Shift+Left-ArrowFormat Align Lefts
F9Format Align Middles
Ctrl+Shift+Right-ArrowFormat Align Rights
Ctrl+Shift+Up-ArrowFormat Align Tops
Ctrl+Shift+RFormat All
Ctrl+BFormat Bold
Ctrl+BFormat Button Bottom
Ctrl+RFormat Button Right
Ctrl+Shift+F9Format Center Horizontal
Ctrl+F9Format Center Vertical
Ctrl+MFormat Check Mnemonics
Ctrl+LFormat Convertto Hyperlink
F2Format Edit Text
Ctrl+Shift+LFormat Insert Bookmark
Ctrl+IFormat Italic
Shift+F7Format Sizeto Content
Alt+Right-ArrowFormat Space Across
Alt+Up-ArrowFormat Space Down
Ctrl+DFormat Tab Order
Ctrl+TFormat Test Dialog
Ctrl+GFormat Toggle Guides
Ctrl+UFormat Underline
Alt+Up-ArrowGraph View Bottomto Top
Alt+Right-ArrowGraph View Leftto Right
Alt+Left-ArrowGraph View Rightto Left
Alt+Down-ArrowGraph View Topto Bottom
Ctrl+Alt+F1Help Addand Remove Help Content
F1Help F1Help
Ctrl+F1Help View Help
Shift+F1Help Window Help
Ctrl+AImage Airbrush Tool
Ctrl+BImage Brush Tool
Ctrl+Shift+UImage Copyand Outline Selection
Ctrl+JImage Draw Opaque
Alt+PImage Ellipse Tool
Ctrl+Shift+IImage Erase Tool
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+PImage Filled Ellipse Tool
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+RImage Filled Rectangle Tool
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+WImage Filled Rounded Rectangle Tool
Ctrl+FImage Fill Tool
Ctrl+HImage Flip Horizontal
Shift+Alt+HImage Flip Vertical
Ctrl+=Image Larger Brush
Ctrl+LImage Line Tool
Ctrl+MImage Magnification Tool
Ctrl+Shift+MImage Magnify
InsertImage New Image Type
Ctrl+]Image Next Color
Ctrl+Shift+]Image Next Right Color
Shift+Alt+PImage Outlined Ellipse Tool
Shift+Alt+RImage Outlined Rectangle Tool
Shift+Alt+WImage Outlined Rounded Rectangle Tool
Ctrl+IImage Pencil Tool
Ctrl+[Image Previous Color
Ctrl+Shift+[Image Previous Right Color
Shift+Alt+SImage Rectangle Selection Tool
Alt+RImage Rectangle Tool
Ctrl+Shift+HImage Rotate90Degrees
Alt+WImage Rounded Rectangle Tool
Ctrl+Alt+SImage Show Grid
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+SImage Show Tile Grid
Ctrl+.Image Small Brush
Ctrl+MinusImage Smaller Brush
Ctrl+TImage Text Tool
Ctrl+UImage Use Selectionas Brush
Ctrl+Shift+.Image Zoom In
Ctrl+Shift+,Image Zoom Out
Ctrl+R, QLoad Test Jump To Counter Pane
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+GBasic Context Viewin Page Inspector
InsertColumn Context Insert Column
Ctrl+LDb Table Context Add Column
Ctrl+PauseFSIConsole Context Cancel Interactive Evaluation
DeleteGraph View Removefrom Workspace
InsertMicrosoft Data Entity Design Context Add New Diagram
Alt+Down-ArrowMicrosoft Data Entity Design Context Move Properties Down
Alt+Page-DownMicrosoft Data Entity Design Context Move Properties Down5
Alt+EndMicrosoft Data Entity Design Context Move Properties To Bottom
Alt+HomeMicrosoft Data Entity Design Context Move Properties To Top
Alt+Up-ArrowMicrosoft Data Entity Design Context Move Properties Up
Alt+Page-UpMicrosoft Data Entity Design Context Move Properties Up5
Ctrl+R, RMicrosoft Data Entity Design Context Refactor Rename
Shift+DeleteMicrosoft Data Entity Design Context Removefrom Diagram
Ctrl+1ORDesigner Context Menu Hide Methods Pane
Ctrl+Alt+DUITest Editor Context Menu Insert Delay Before
Shift+Alt+LUITest Editor Context Menu Locate All
Ctrl+Shift+LUITest Editor Context Menu Locatethe UIControl
Ctrl+Alt+CUITest Editor Context Menu Movecode
Ctrl+Shift+TUITest Editor Context Menu Splitintoanewmethod
F12Page Inspector Minimize
Ctrl+Alt+EnterPage Inspector Update Page Inspector
Ctrl+M, Ctrl+CProject Add Content Page
Shift+Alt+AProject Add Existing Item
Ctrl+Shift+AProject Add New Item
Ctrl+Shift+XProject Class Wizard
Ctrl+Alt+InsertProject Override
Ctrl+Shift+PProject Setas Start Up Project
Alt+Down-ArrowProject And Solution Context Menus Item Move Down
Alt+Up-ArrowProject And Solution Context Menus Item Move Up
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+CProject And Solution Context Menus Project Collapse Projects
Ctrl+TQuery Designer Cancel Retrieving Data
Ctrl+2Query Designer Criteria
Ctrl+1Query Designer Diagram
Ctrl+RQuery Designer Execute SQL
Ctrl+GQuery Designer Goto Row
Ctrl+Shift+JQuery Designer Join Mode
Ctrl+4Query Designer Results
Ctrl+3Query Designer SQL
Ctrl+R, Ctrl+ERefactor Encapsulate Field
Ctrl+R, Ctrl+IRefactor Extract Interface
Ctrl+R, Ctrl+MRefactor Extract Method
Ctrl+R, Ctrl+VRefactor Remove Parameters
Ctrl+R, Ctrl+RRefactor Rename
Ctrl+R, Ctrl+ORefactor Reorder Parameters
Ctrl+4Resources Audio
Ctrl+5Resources Files
Ctrl+3Resources Icons
Ctrl+2Resources Images
Ctrl+6Resources Other
Ctrl+1Resources Strings
Ctrl+[, OSolution Explorer Open Files Filter
Ctrl+[, PSolution Explorer Pending Changes Filter
Ctrl+[, SSolution Explorer Sync With Active Document
Alt+F5SQL Execute With Debugger
Ctrl+R, ESQL Expand Wildcards
Ctrl+R, QSQL Fullyqualify Names
Ctrl+R, MSQL Moveto Schema
Alt+EndSQL Query Results New Row
Shift+Alt+RSQL Query Results Refresh
Alt+PauseSQL Query Results Stop
Ctrl+R, RSQL Rename
Shift+Alt+CSQL SSDT Schema Compare Compare
Shift+Alt+GSQL SSDT Schema Compare Generate Script
Shift+Alt+.SQL SSDT Schema Compare Next Change
Shift+Alt+,SQL SSDT Schema Compare Previous Change
Alt+PauseSQL SSDT Schema Compare Stop
Shift+Alt+USQL SSDT Schema Compare Write Updates
Alt+PauseSQL TSql Editor Cancel Query
Ctrl+Shift+ESQL TSql Editor Execute Query
Ctrl+D, FSQL TSql Editor Results As File
Ctrl+D, GSQL TSql Editor Results As Grid
Ctrl+D, TSQL TSql Editor Results As Text
Ctrl+D, ESQL TSql Editor Show Estimated Plan
Ctrl+D, ASQL TSql Editor Toggle Execution Plan
Ctrl+D, RSQL TSql Editor Toggle Results Pane
Ctrl+Alt+Left-ArrowTable Columntothe Left
Ctrl+Alt+Right-ArrowTable Columntothe Right
Ctrl+Alt+Up-ArrowTable Row Above
Ctrl+Alt+Down-ArrowTable Row Below
Shift+Alt+NTeam Goto Next Work Item
Shift+Alt+PTeam Goto Previous Work Item
Shift+Alt+LTeam New Linked Work Item
F5Team Refresh
Ctrl+'Team Team Explorer Search
Alt+Page-DownTfs Annotate Tfs Annotate Move Next Region
Alt+Page-UpTfs Annotate Tfs Annotate Move Previous Region
Ctrl+0, Ctrl+BTfs Commands Go To Builds
Ctrl+0, Ctrl+DTfs Commands Go To Documents
Ctrl+0, Ctrl+HTfs Commands Go To Home
Ctrl+0, Ctrl+MTfs Commands Go To My Work
Ctrl+0, Ctrl+PTfs Commands Go To Pending Changes
Ctrl+0, Ctrl+RTfs Commands Go To Reports
Ctrl+0, Ctrl+STfs Commands Go To Settings
Alt+HomeTfs Commands Go To Team Explorer Navigation
Alt+Down-ArrowTfs Commands Go To Team Explorer Next Section Content
Alt+0Tfs Commands Go To Team Explorer Page Content
Alt+Up-ArrowTfs Commands Go To Team Explorer Previous Section Content
Alt+1Tfs Commands Go To Team Explorer Section1Content
Alt+2Tfs Commands Go To Team Explorer Section2Content
Alt+3Tfs Commands Go To Team Explorer Section3Content
Alt+4Tfs Commands Go To Team Explorer Section4Content
Alt+5Tfs Commands Go To Team Explorer Section5Content
Alt+6Tfs Commands Go To Team Explorer Section6Content
Alt+7Tfs Commands Go To Team Explorer Section7Content
Alt+8Tfs Commands Go To Team Explorer Section8Content
Alt+9Tfs Commands Go To Team Explorer Section9Content
Ctrl+0, Ctrl+ATfs Commands Go To Web Access
Ctrl+0, Ctrl+WTfs Commands Go To Work Items
Alt+Left-ArrowTfs Commands Team Explorer Navigate Backward
Alt+Right-ArrowTfs Commands Team Explorer Navigate Forward
Alt+1Tfs Merge Context Menu Set Focuson Left Window
Alt+2Tfs Merge Context Menu Set Focuson Result Window
Alt+3Tfs Merge Context Menu Set Focuson Right Window
Shift+Alt+CTfs My Work Page In Progress Tfs Context My Work Page Create Copy WI
Shift+Alt+LTfs My Work Page In Progress Tfs Context My Work Page New Linked WI
Ctrl+, Ctrl+CTest Use Coded UITest Builder
Ctrl+, Ctrl+ATest Use Existing Action Recording
Ctrl+D, ATest Explorer Debug All Tests
Ctrl+R, Ctrl+TTest Explorer Debug All Tests In Context
F12Test Explorer Open Test
Ctrl+R, LTest Explorer Repeat Last Run
Ctrl+R, ATest Explorer Run All Tests
Ctrl+R, TTest Explorer Run All Tests In Context
Ctrl+Alt+PTools Attachto Process
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+BTools Code Snippets Manager
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F12Tools Force GC
Ctrl+/Tools Go To Command Line
Ctrl+Alt+NTSql Editor Clone Query
Shift+Alt+Page-DownTSql Editor Database Combo
Shift+Alt+MView All Windows
Ctrl+, Ctrl+RView Architecture Explorer
Ctrl+Shift+NView ASP NETNonvisual Controls
Ctrl+Alt+.View Auto Close Tag Override
Alt+Left-ArrowView Backward
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+WView Bookmark Window
Ctrl+Shift+1View Browse Next
Ctrl+Shift+2View Browse Previous
Ctrl+Alt+KView Call Hierarchy
Ctrl+Shift+CView Class View
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+VView Class View Go To Search Combo
Ctrl+, DView Code Definition Window
Ctrl+Alt+AView Command Window
Shift+Alt+DView Data Sources
Ctrl+Alt+TView Document Outline
F2View Edit Label
Ctrl+M, Ctrl+MView Edit Master
Ctrl+1View Entity Data Model Browser
Ctrl+2View Entity Data Model Mapping Details
Ctrl+, EView Error List
Ctrl+Alt+FView F#Interactive
Ctrl+Alt+F12View Find Symbol Results
Alt+Right-ArrowView Forward
Ctrl+Shift+7View Forward Browse Context
Shift+Alt+EnterView Full Screen
Ctrl+MinusView Navigate Backward
Ctrl+Shift+MinusView Navigate Forward
Ctrl+Shift+F12View Next Error
Ctrl+Page-DownView Next View
Ctrl+Alt+JView Object Browser
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+RView Object Browser Go To Search Combo
Ctrl+Alt+OView Output
Ctrl+Shift+8View Pop Browse Context
F4View Properties Window
Shift+F4View Property Pages
F5View Refresh
Ctrl+Alt+DView Report Data
Ctrl+Shift+EView Resource View
Ctrl+Alt+SView Server Explorer
Shift+Alt+F10View Show Smart Tag
Ctrl+Alt+LView Solution Explorer
Ctrl+, Ctrl+SView SQLServer Object Explorer
Ctrl+Shift+YView Synchronize Views
Ctrl+, TView Task List
Ctrl+, Ctrl+MView Tfs Team Explorer
F7View Toggle Designer
Ctrl+Alt+XView Toolbox
Ctrl+, Ctrl+UView UMLModel Explorer
EnterView View Code
Shift+F7View View Designer
Shift+F7View View Markup
Ctrl+Alt+RView Web Browser
Ctrl+Shift+.View Zoom In
Ctrl+Shift+,View Zoom Out
Shift+Alt+Page-DownView File In Script Panel
EscWindow Activate Document Window
Ctrl+QWindow Activate Quick Launch
Ctrl+Shift+QWindow Activate Quick Launch Previous Category
Ctrl+;Window Activate Solution Explorer Search
Alt+`Window Activate Window Search
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+SpacebarWindow Add Tabto Selection
Ctrl+F4Window Close Document Window
Shift+EscWindow Close Tool Window
Ctrl+Alt+HomeWindow Keep Tab Open
Ctrl+F2Window Moveto Navigation Bar
Ctrl+F6Window Next Document Window
Ctrl+TabWindow Next Document Window Nav
Alt+F6Window Next Pane
F6Window Next Split Pane
Ctrl+Alt+Page-DownWindow Next Tab
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Page-DownWindow Next Taband Addto Selection
Alt+F7Window Next Tool Window Nav
Ctrl+Shift+F6Window Previous Document Window
Ctrl+Shift+TabWindow Previous Document Window Nav
Shift+Alt+F6Window Previous Pane
Shift+F6Window Previous Split Pane
Ctrl+Alt+Page-UpWindow Previous Tab
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Page-UpWindow Previous Taband Addto Selection
Shift+Alt+F7Window Previous Tool Window Nav
Alt+MinusWindow Show Dock Menu
Ctrl+Alt+Down-ArrowWindow Show Ez MDIFile List
Shift+Alt+VWindow Toggle
Ctrl+E, Ctrl+CWorkflow Designer Collapse
Ctrl+E, Ctrl+YWorkflow Designer Collapse All
Ctrl+E, Ctrl+FWorkflow Designer Connect Nodes
Ctrl+E, Ctrl+NWorkflow Designer Create Variable
Ctrl+E, Ctrl+XWorkflow Designer Expand All
Ctrl+E, Ctrl+EWorkflow Designer Expand In Place
Ctrl+E, Ctrl+PWorkflow Designer Go To Parent
Ctrl+E, Ctrl+MWorkflow Designer Move Focus
Ctrl+Alt+F6Workflow Designer Navigate Through Designer
Ctrl+E, Ctrl+RWorkflow Designer Restore
Ctrl+E, Ctrl+AWorkflow Designer Show Hide Argument Designer
Ctrl+E, Ctrl+IWorkflow Designer Show Hide Imports Designer
Ctrl+E, Ctrl+OWorkflow Designer Show Hide Overview Map
Ctrl+E, Ctrl+VWorkflow Designer Show Hide Variable Designer
Ctrl+E, Ctrl+SWorkflow Designer Toggle Selection
Ctrl+Plus-NumblockWorkflow Designer Zoom In
Ctrl+Minus-NumblockWorkflow Designer Zoom Out
Alt+F5XML Start XSLTDebugging
Ctrl+Alt+F5XML Start XSLTWithout Debugging
Ctrl+2Xsd Designer Show Content Model View
Ctrl+3Xsd Designer Show Graph View
Ctrl+1Xsd Designer Show Start View
Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is used to develop console and graphical user interface applications along with Windows Forms applications, web sites, web applications, and web services in both native code together with managed code for all platforms supported by Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, .NET Framework, .NET Compact Framework and Microsoft Silverlight. Visual Studio includes a code editor supporting IntelliSense as well as code refactoring. The integrated debugger works both as a source-level debugger and a machine-level debugger. Other built-in tools include a forms designer for building GUI applications, web designer, class designer, and database schema designer. It accepts plug-ins that enhance the functionality at almost every level—including adding support for source-control systems (like Subversion and Visual SourceSafe) and adding new toolsets like editors and visual designers for domain-specific languages or toolsets for other aspects of the software development lifecycle (like the Team Foundation Server client: Team Explorer).    
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