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SlideProof User Manual – Installation & Deployment

8.1 Installation
8.2 Update Process
8.3 Uninstallation, Remove Preferences or Clean install
8.4 Registry Parameters
8.5 Mixing per-user and per-enterprise
8.5 More Information

8.1 Installation

There are two different deployment methods for installing SlideProof on a machine. One is per-user which means only the one who installed SlideProof will have access to it. Two is per-machine (a.k.a. enterprise), which means everybody logging into the machine will have SlideProof. For detailed difference see the table below:

Per-user Per-machine
Description targeted on single user installations with a single click targeted on enterprise mass-deployment done by an administrator
Installation requires admin rights No Yes
Must be installed for each user on a machine Yes No
Automatic software updates Yes No 1
Designed for mass-deployment No Yes
Note: To download a specific version append the version string from the archive like this: VeodinSlideProof_Setup_v3.0.5.13701.msi If in doubt which is the right version for you, please contact us.

MSI Usage & Parameters

Parameter Values Description
LICENSE 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000 Your license key for using SlideProof. When not specified, a trial period is started.
FEEDBACK 0 | 1 Toggles sending usage statistics and crash reports over the internet. Default is 1.
AUTOUPDATE 0 | 1 Toggles automatic download & installation of updates. Default is 1 for Per-User MSI and 0 for Per-Machine or Enterprise installation.
EMAIL info@company.com Specifies which edition of SlideProof to use. Default is Complete.
LIBRARYPATH_PERSONAL “C:\Slide Library” Specifies a location for the personal slide library. Environment variables can be used. Default is “%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Slide Library”.
LIBRARYPATH_TEAM “C:\Slide Library” Specifies a location for the team slide library. Environment variables can be used. Default is empty.
LIBRARYPATH_COMPANY “C:\Slide Library” Specifies a location for the company slide library. Environment variables can be used. Default is empty.
GROUP “Consulting” Specifies a group for the user to be used for licensing management by Veodin (linked to online preferences). Default is empty.
KEEP_SETTINGS 0 | 1 Keeps or removes current SlideProof registry preferences on uninstallation. Default is 0.
Note: If FEEDBACK or AUTOUPDATE parameter is set on a per-machine installation, it will not be changeable on the SlideProof Settings pane.


msiexec.exe /i “E:\VeodinSlideProof_Enterprise_Setup.msi” AUTOUPDATE=0 FEEDBACK=1 EMAIL=info@company.com LICENSE=00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000 LIBRARYPATH_PERSONAL=”C:\Personal” LIBRARYPATH_TEAM=”C:\Team” LIBRARYPATH_COMPANY=”C:\Company“
Note: When using PowerShell it is important to specify an absolute path to the MSI and escape certain MSI parameters with `

Interaction between the versions

In general SlideProof installation (or update) will attempt to un-install the previous version:
New version Previous: per-user Previous: per-machine
per-user un-installation un-installation might trigger UAC for removal of per-machine version
per-machine un-installation un-installation

Storage locations folders

Installation using Chocolatey

You can also install per-user SlideProof version using Chocolatey package manager. After installing Chocolatey, open your PowerShell with administrative rights and type:
choco install slideproof

8.2 Update Process


8.3 Uninstallation, Remove Preferences or clean install


8.4 Registry Parameters

Registry for Preferences

Registry parameters, which are set per-machine always have a higher priority, so that when duplicated parameters are present, per-user ones are neglected.

Registry Table

The settings in the following table can be adjusted in Windows Registry Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Veodin\SlideProof. For larger deployments they can be deployed via Group Policy Objects:
Parameter Description
RibbonKeytip By default the SlideProof Ribbon will be accessible with the Shortcut Alt+P. To modify the shortcut set a registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Veodin\SlideProof\RibbonKeytip String to “X”. Afterwards if the Shortcut is set to “Y1” then pick a different shortcut as your chosen one is already used by PowerPoint. Example .reg file
LibraryCachePath By default the SlideProof library cache is stored in the user AppData folder. With this key you can modify your cache folder and move it to other location (shared with all users, for example)
Library_IsReadOnly By default SlideProof allows publishing of own material. Set this to Integer “1” to hide the “Publish” button and prevent publishing. Alternatively restrict write access to the Library folders.
LibraryPath_<Name> By default SlideProof provides you with 3 library paths as described above. In order to get additional, custom library paths, add the keys starting with “LibraryPath_<Name>” to the Registry. For example add “LibraryPath_Division” with “https://company.sharepoint.com/division” to have a new entry that’s labeled “Division”. You can have many Custom Library paths.
CustomColors By default SlideProof will try to find custom colors named “Custom Color 1” to “Custom Color 16”. If you have custom color names in your Slide Master Theme you may specify them as a Multi-String Value in the Windows Registry so they may appear in the Colors Pane and be valid for proofing. Make sure you insert a line break between each color you want to add. For example “Color 1 <linebreak> Color 2”.
TutorialPresentation By default SlideProof will provide a default tutorial. In case your organization has many users, you may want to point to a tutorial in your network or website. The tutorial must be a pptx file. In this case, Slideproof will only copy the tutorial if it is newer than the current one. If you are using http as the location, make sure the Last modified header is provided by your server.
  • Sever example: \\library.veodin.com\demo\tutorial.pptx
  • Website example: https://stage2.veodin.com/slideproof/manual/tutorial.pptx
OnlineSearchEnabled By default, this paramater is OFF. Enable or disable the online search results in SlideProof Library.
ContentProvider_IconFinder_IsEnabled, ContentProvider_Pexels_IsEnabled, ContentProvider_TheNounProject_IsEnabled, ContentProvider_Unsplash_IsEnabled By default, these content providers are ON. Enable or disable the various online search providers.
Library_NumThreads By default SlideProof set the number of threads to 8. This paramater controls the number of threads used by SlideProof Library. The recommended range is 8 to 32.

8.5 Mixing per-user and per-enterprise

When installing a per-machine MSI with having a per-user MSI installed under the same user, the per-machine uninstalls the per-user. When doing the same with different users, the per-user of the other user is not uninstalled.

8.6 More Information

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