SlideProof User Manual – Library

3.1 Open Library
3.2 Find Content
3.3 Crawl Pictures
3.4 Online Search
3.5 Insert Content
3.6 Publish Content
3.7 Default Content
3.8 Library Structure
3.9 Search Terms

Library Logo

SlideProof Library is the world-class solution to share Template Presentations, Agendas, Decks, Slides, Pictures and Shapes with your team within PowerPoint!

3.1 Open Library

  1. Select “Library” under the SlideProof ribbon.
  2. Open the fold out menu if you want to limit the search to a specific category.
Library Menu
  1. The library will open in the selection pane and will initially show your personal, team and company folders, paths are sorted alphabetically.

You can also have access to the Section View by clicking on the “Tree” button.


3.2 Find Content

Start typing in a keyword in the search field and results will appear instantly. You can combine search terms by using the words “AND” and “OR”.


Finding tools

Library Filters

Filter your results by types with the Library Filters (Templates, Slides, Decks, Shapes, Agenda).

Library Filters

Grouping Results

Finding some content can be facilitated by grouping results which provides you to have your results shown by:

Grouping Results

Zoom Slider

Finding some content can be facilitated by using the zoom slider which allows you to adjust the size of the items.


Large Scale Preview

Hover the cursor over the image to activate a large scale preview of the content.


3.3 Crawl Pictures

Note: This can be enabled or disabled in SlideProof tab > Settings > Library > “Include pictures”


3.4 Online Search

  1. Open the Library.
  2. Type a keyword in the search field and you see results from the web instantly.
Online Search  

How to activate Online Search?

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. In the Library tab: Turn on Iconfinder, Pexels, The Noun Project and Unsplash.
  1. Open the Library.
  2. Type a keyword in the search field and you see results from the web instantly.
  3. Drag and drop or double click on the content to insert it.

3.5 Insert Content

  1. Insert content into your slides by double clicking or drag & drop.


3.6 Publish Content


3.7 Default Content


3.8 Library Structure


3.9 Search Terms

  1. All text inside the slide can be used as search terms.
  2. Speaker Notes can contain addition search terms that you do not want to appear on the slide.
  3. Search terms can also be applied to specific shapes by opening the selection pane (Alt + F10):
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