SlideProof User ManualĀ – PowerLink for Excel

10.1 Feedback & Ideas
10.2 Link to Excel
10.3 Update your data

10.1 Feedback & Ideas

To enhance your SlideProof experience, we are building SlideProof PowerLink. This functionality will allow you to link your Excel data to PowerPoint. There is no one better than you to help us improve SlideProof!

Any ideas on how we could improve SlideProof & Excel link? Please post your ideas!

  1. Save your Excel file.
  2. Copy your Excel selection.
  3. Paste it into your PowerPoint slide.
  4. Click on “Link” in the call-out.

Note: clicking on “Link”:  

10.3 Update your data

If you made any changes to your data in Excel, you can easily bring them into PowerPoint:
  1. Select the shape you want to update in PowerPoint.
  2. Hit the update icon in the call out.
Update Note:  
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