SlideProof User Manual – Publish

6.1 Publish Content
6.2 Publishing as Slides
6.3 Publishing as Decks
6.4 Publishing as Shapes & Pictures
6.5 Publishing as Templates
6.6 Publishing as Agendas
6.7 Publishing in Mixed Mode
6.8 File Actions
6.9 Publish Selected Slides

6.1 Publish Content

  1. Select the “Publish” icon under the SlideProof ribbon if you want to publish the whole presentation.
  2. Use the Publish Pane to publish the presentation content as Templates, Decks, Slides, Shapes & Pictures, Agenda or in a Mixed mode.
  3. By selecting “Publish to” you can choose to publish the content into a specific folder.
  4. Use Presentation File if you want to move, duplicate or publish once the items.

Note: If the presentation has not been published before and was saved as PowerPoint Template (.potx file), the Slide Master of the presentation will be added to the Library as entry of type “Master”, otherwise its slides will be added as entries of type “Slide”.

6.2 Publishing as Slides

6.3 Publishing as Decks

6.4 Publishing as Shapes & Pictures

6.5 Publishing as Templates

6.6 Publishing as Agendas

6.7 Publishing in Mixed Mode

6.8 File Actions

No Action



6.9 Publish Selected Slides

  1. Select the slides you want to publish.
  2. Right click on one of the slides and select “Publish selected slides” or find it under the Publish menu in the ribbon.
  3. Choose the destination and the type of publishing (template, slides, shapes, agenda or mixed).
  4. Click publish.
Quick Publish

Note: You can still change the selected slides until you click on publish

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